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Busting Through the Jargon Web – Part 2 – Mobile Optimization and Responsiveness

Part 2 in my ‘tech-speak’ jargon busting series looks at ‘Mobile Opimization’ and ‘Responsiveness’.Mobile optimization and responsiveness means your website will display in the best way on a mobile device such as a mobile phone, ipad or tablet. Computing ‘on the go’ has become ‘the norm’ in recent years with a large increase in the […]

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Busting Through the Jargon Web Part 1 – SEO

Quite often when talking to prospective clients they tell me they find it difficult to understand ‘tech-speak’ and the ‘jargon’ bandied about so free and easily by those working within a web/digital marketing environment. Cutting through this web of intrigue (pardon the pun) that is spun by the use of digital  jargon and acronyms, was […]

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Working on the brand of you

At a recent networking event I went to, I was asked ‘how do you go about designing a logo or a website for someone? How do you create a brand? I am repeating my answer here as it gives you a little insight into the process I like to go through when creating a ‘brand’ or […]

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The Psychology of Colour

  Colour, design and marketing go hand in hand with each other. The use of colour in the marketing of your business, or organisation, whether it is in your website design, advertising,  stationery or your product, can send either a positive or negative subconscious message, creating a good or bad perception of your business or […]

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What Makes a Good Website Design?

So what factors do you need to think about for a good website design?  Design meets purpose A good website will be designed to fit the purpose. A business, a community organisation, a band all have different needs.  A good website is designed and built with those needs in mind. It is important that you are […]

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Why having a website is important for a small business

  93% of business purchase decisions start with a search engine search, but it is surprising how many small businesses still do not have a website. Here are the top 3 reasons why having a website is important to business success. 1. A website makes your business look more credible and professional Without a website […]

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