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Busting through the jargon web part 5 – Domain Names

Busting through the jargon web Part 5 - Domain Names? What is a domain name? A domain name is your unique address on the internet - it labels and signposts to your website so people can find it e.g. our domain name is The importance of​ registering your business name and domain name ​Your domain name is very important to your business. Choosing and registering a business name and a domain name should ideally be done at the same time. Many people dive in and set up businesses and websites completely separately without checking availability of the name they want or
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Busting Through The Jargon Web Part 4 – What is a Blog?

Busting through the jargon web Part 4 - What is a blog? What is a blog? I've been told I need a blog but I don't know why?​ Should my blog be part of my website or separate from it? If I have a blog how often do I need to write in it? These things are said to me frequently when I meet up with prospective clients to discuss their website needs. They've usually heard of 'blogs' and 'blogging', but have no real idea what a blog actually is and how to use one and the advantages to their
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