Integrated Marketing

Continuing our series of short articles helping you to understand the meaning underlying commonly used marketing and website design jargon.

A simple definition of "integrated marketing" is the need to ensure a 'joined up', seamless, unified and consistent message about your product or service runs through all your marketing channels and communications.

So for example your printed, social media channels, website and email marketing carry the same brand logo and overarching messaging - this creates a consistent identity for your company and/ or product range and can help instill confidence in your customers.

A good example of this is Apple who have created a consistent brand image and message that has become associated with their product range. Customers associate Apple with sleek, reliable, innovative technology and this runs through every communication they share whether a general communication or a specific product promotion or marketing campaign.

It is not difficult to do this,  but it does require a little forethought, planning and maybe a bit of creative flair. So when you are creating a new logo or a new website also consider how that 'brand' image can be carried across all your channels and materials whether online, printed or face to face, to create that consistent 'integrated' marketing message.

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