10 Reasons why you need to include visual content in your marketing


It is often said by marketers that 'Content is King', but are photos and video now the King of Content? Here are 10 good reasons why you need to build visual content into your on and offline marketing campaigns.

  1. Visual content grabs attention - research has proven that the brain can process images 60,000 times faster than reading text.

  2. Social media posts with images or video receive far more likes and shares.

  3. Customers are more likely to trust images than text and well written text accompanied by images is an even more powerful tool.

  4. Customers are more likey to buy a product if they can see good quality images of it, or a video demonstration.

  5. Images can instantly reinforce your brand values - exciting, trustworthy, reliable, luxury, quality, friendly etc etc.

  6. Visual content can help us understand things more easily.

  7. Images are important for design and messaging.

  8. 93% of human communication has been shown to be non-verbal.

  9. Visual content speaks instantly to our emotions - it can provoke feelings.

  10. Video is an increasingly popular medium for use in social media campaigns and can dramatically improve the chances of 'viral' sharing. Take for example these three  incredibly successful video advertisements which have powerful messaging or emotional appeal and certainly have the viral 'share' appeal so sought by business marketers. We may not all have the big budgets of these makers but we can learn from their messaging and the mediums used to carry them.