Why you need to be social


A 2015 report from 'We Are Social' illustrates why businesses, bands and other organisations would be mad to ignore using social media as an engagement and selling  channel for their products and services.

The report 'Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015' gives a global breakdown of digital, mobile and social media behaviour, which provides interesting reading (link provided at bottom of article if you want to read more), but here I've pulled out some of the more significant findings for the UK in terms of social media. These figures really hit home the need to think about a social media strategy whether you are in it for fun or for profit!

The number of Internet users expressed as a percentage of the total UK population is a huge 89%. 59% of the UK population have active social media accounts with 32 million accessing these accounts through a mobile device.


Facebook is the top active social network platform in the UK at 43%, with use of newer channels such as Instagram and Snapchat growing in popularity but currently coming in at 8% and 6% respectively.


The amount of time individuals in the UK spent using the Internet on a daily basis is fascinating and a significant proportion of this time is spent using Social Media.